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The Application of Plywood in Modern Residential Building(Part 2)

Oct. 15, 2020

Landscape wall

You can install plywood on the wall to get a warm atmosphere similar to the texture of natural wood. Achieving this goal saves money and is extremely malleable. Some experienced DIYers will measure their wall dimensions and arrange an overall facade design.

In addition, if you cut the plywood into sheets of different lengths, you can use them to create a personalized pattern splicing wall, just like you would use porcelain panel to decorate your wall, with unique characteristics.

Kitchen application of plywood

Architects and interior designers are slowly integrating plywood materials into kitchen applications and have achieved gratifying results. Matching your kitchen's personalized countertop materials, ceramic tiles, and other component choices, with the help of door panels and decorative panels made of plywood as features, you can create a rustic or modern kitchen.

Birch Plywood

How to choose plywood

When we think of plywood, we often think of construction grade plywood. When choosing plywood for home improvement projects, you need to look for higher-quality plywood with smooth veneers. Among them, birch plywood, a birch wood plywood, is favored by architects because the fiber grains in it are compressed very tightly. In addition, the exposed edges of birch plywood are also attractive and are used as a special decorative material.

If you want to use plywood in a humid place or outdoor environment, please choose marine grade or outdoor plywood. Although it is more expensive, it can withstand the test of weather and climate change. Of the two, the cost of outdoor plywood is lower than that of marine-grade plywood, but you may often find that marine-grade plywood can meet your needs to a greater extent.

Plywood has a variety of surface panels. In addition to birch, you can also find teak, eucalyptus lauan, radiata pine, and even bamboo plywood. Generally, your building contractor or cabinet manufacturer and renovation worker will suggest that you choose the most suitable plywood for your residential renovation project.

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