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The Application of Plywood in Modern Residential Building(Part 1)

Sep. 27, 2020

Plywood, which is commonly referred to as three-plywood or five-plywood, has a history that can be traced back to ancient Egypt, but then all records about it seem to have disappeared until it reappears in commercial manufacturing in some Western countries. In Australia, plywood was first produced in 1907 and was widely used until the veneer MDF board (medium density fiberboard) gradually became popular. Today, plywood is still widely used in a variety of construction applications and has only been generally recognized as one of the best building materials for DIY in recent years.

The reason why plywood has returned to the focus of people's attention is due to its cheapness, relatively easy construction, strong and unique texture, and dozens of residential uses. If you have daily tools and a little preparation work, you can use plywood to realize some simple and feasible DIY projects.

Plywood Sheet

Plywood shelves and shelf components

Plywood is an ideal material for building shelves and forming basic components of shelves. Certain types of plywood edges have a uniquely attractive layered appearance, and you can also choose to cover or expose the edges of the boards as needed. Very wide shelves or plywood that need to bear heavy weight may require some reinforcement measures, but in practical applications, you will be surprised at the weight that an 18mm thick plywood can carry.

Plywood can be surface dyed like natural wood, but the cost is much lower in comparison, so this is why plywood is called the perfect choice for DIY projects.

Plywood floor

When it comes to floor applications, we usually associate plywood with the base layer of the floor, but some creative DIYers will also cut the plywood into long and narrow blocks, which are directly spliced into a plywood floor.

In this case, you may need to turn to some professional woodworker, because you need to cut the plywood in as perfect a controllable size as possible, and you may need to arrange grooves to connect the plywood sheets together. You can create a warm and pristine floor feel through the plywood at a lower cost than many other flooring materials.

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