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Comparison of Solid Wood Beds and Soft Beds

Jan. 15, 2021

Beds are actually only two main categories - soft beds and solid wood beds. The difference between solid wood beds and fabric beds is mainly the appearance and environmental protection, the bed itself depends mostly on the mattress, the degree of comfort.  

Advantages of Solid wood bed

1. solid wood bed material is pure solid wood, environmental performance is relatively high, the use of a more secure.

2. The bottom of the bed is empty, you can show the floor below, more convenient to clean, will not make people feel that the space and appear too small bedroom.

3. bed, mattress and bedding can be purchased separately, can focus on their advantages, can best avoid the merchant's second best.    

Disadvantages of Solid wood bed 

1, now many solid wood bed using density board or particle board, not pure solid wood, sheet formaldehyde pollution; 2, the total price is slightly expensive relative to the fabric bed;     

3, the back of the bed is plate, leaning on it is very uncomfortable, especially reading or watching TV is very unsuitable   

4, the appearance of the style is old, not stylish enough.   

LVL Bed Slats

Advantages of Soft bed

1. backrest is more comfortable, very suitable for half lying in bed to read and watch TV.

2. The appearance of the fabric bed is also relatively beautiful, beautiful appearance, you can change the shape pattern at will. The overall fashion avant-garde;     

3. Price relative to the solid wood bed is relatively cheap.

Disadvantages  of Soft bed     

1. the filling material within the fabric is more complex, and it is difficult to choose.  

2. too much chemical fiber material, is also one of the decoration pollution.

3. The use of density board or particle board, the board produces formaldehyde pollution

4. fabric bed is generally a unified configuration of the mattress, do not dare to ensure the quality of the internal padding and mattress durability and comfort, etc..  

5. The size of the outer frame is larger than the solid wood bed, more impact on the use of bedroom space, the space requirements are relatively high。

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