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How to Buy Plywood?

Feb. 07, 2021

Plywood is currently the most commonly used wood for hand-made furniture, and can be used as a low- to medium-grade decorative panel, which needs to be covered with color paint. Plywood, also known as fine core board, is a three-layer or multi-layer board-like material made from wood segments cut into veneer or wood planed into thin wood, and then glued together with adhesive, usually with an odd number of layers of veneer, and make adjacent layers of veneer fiber direction perpendicular to each other glued together. So how to buy plywood? The following plywood supplier will bring you the plywood purchase method for your reference.

How to buy plywood?

1.The first thing to examine is the material of plywood, different tree species for the material price is different, we can choose the right species according to the decoration budget when decorating. Any kind of decorative material is in greater supply than demand in the market nowadays, and many low-priced willow plywoods occupy the corner of the material market.

2.Some plywood is made by gluing two veneers of different grain together, so when you buy it, you have to see if the plywood seams are tight and if there is any unevenness. The plywood with cracks to create the furniture is not good-looking.

 Black Film Faced Plywood

3.Because some plywood is glued together, so observe whether its color can be consistent, whether the texture is consistent, and whether the wood color and furniture paint color coordination, the color of the plywood to be purchased to coordinate with the overall effect of the decoration.


4.Then is to check whether the plywood workmanship is fine. As the plywood is made of two veneers glued together, there are bound to be positive and negative sides. Plywood board surface layer should be clear wood grain, front smooth and flat, the reverse side is best not to have a rough prickly feeling, preferably without nodes. If the plywood is decoupled, not only affect the construction, but also cause pollution, so in the selection of the hand can be used to gently knock the plate, if a crisp sound, it means that the plate sticky better, if a heavy sound, it shows that the plate decoupling phenomenon.

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