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Pay Attention to the Use of Plywood

Nov. 09, 2020

Storage of plywood

After the plywood is bought back, please put it indoors and avoid the sun and rain; every time the plywood is turned down, please lay down the wood, align the corners and pile on the flat ground. The surface of the plywood shall not be in contact with the ground. For storage, keep the template well ventilated, prevent the sun and rain, and check it regularly, preferably covered with a tarp.

How to saw plywood

Please choose an alloy saw blade with a diameter of 300 mm, 80-100 teeth, equipped with a secondary motor, preferably a sawing machine with a guide rail; try to keep the sawing edge straight and rotate at 4000 rpm, if irregular geometry is required, Use a high-speed portable electric saw to saw the board on-site, to prevent burrs, when sawing the board and drilling, please pad under the board.

Edge repair paint

The plywood has been sealed before leaving the factory. For new cutting or drilling, please use water-resistant phenolic paint to paint the sawed or drilled edges three times. Remember! If scratches, bruises, or other minor damages are found on the template surface, phenolic paint should be repainted.

Plywood Sheets

Plywood laying

The wood squares close to the plywood should be laid lengthwise, the gap between the panels should be minimized, and the space between the panels should be flat. The wood size is preferably 5*10 or 10*10 cm, and the seam of the board should be flattened with putty or sealed with adhesive tape to prevent leakage of slurry and slurry from polluting the board edge. It is strictly forbidden to collide with hard objects or hit with a crowbar, throw at will, and drag steel bars on the board surface.

Precautions for plywood

(1) Top mold: First lay wooden squares horizontally on the scaffold with a distance of 1.2 meters, and then spread the wooden squares longitudinally with a distance of 0.4-0.6 meters. When the thickness of the poured concrete exceeds 200 mm, the distance should be adjusted smaller.

(2) Wall mold: Place three wooden squares longitudinally after the plywood, and then lay two wooden squares horizontally to connect. Keep the screw position through the wall and erect the diagonal brace. If possible, the horizontal steel corrugated connection can be used to form a combined large wall form, which can be directly hoisted. The single template can be replaced.

(3) Beam and column molds: cut the template according to the size, reserve the position of the wall bolts, the column mold can be locked with short scaffolding on four sides, and the diagonal bracing is erected

(4) Cleaning the panel: The plywood can be used for the first three times without the release agent, and the surface of the plywood should be cleaned in time after each use. It is strictly forbidden to knock the surface of the scraper with hard objects.

(5) Construction attention: After the plywood is laid, and before the concrete is poured, please be sure to cover it to prevent exposure to the sun, which may cause the board to burst; when removing the mold, please handle it gently to avoid being beaten at high altitude; after removing the mold, Please be sure to clean the surface of the board and brush with the release agent in time; do not use the wooden square for the time being, and place it neatly in a dry and ventilated place.

The above information is provided by the LVL supplier.

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