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What Are the Advantages of LVL laminates?

Feb. 26, 2021

Concrete and steel have always been the materials of choice for building structures around the world, but in the last decade, wood construction has re-emerged as a popular building material, as the wood itself is a renewable resource and its natural patterns and colours, in addition to being non-polluting, have won the hearts of many designers.

LVL is a new material that retains the natural grain of the wood, has a fresh and beautiful appearance, is uniformly strong and stable, has good durability, requires no drying and has a wide range of dimensional freedom. The next LVL supplier will introduce you to the advantages of LVL panels.

LVL Packing

What Are the Advantages of LVL laminates?

The unidirectional grouping and parallel hot pressing production method makes LVL have the advantages of a homogeneous structure, high strength and good dimensional stability compared to solid wood and can meet the requirements of many fields of use.

1. High stability and strength

The high strength-to-weight ratio of veneer laminated timber is better than that of steel; the homogeneous structure provides a high degree of reliability.

2. High economy

No special requirements for raw materials can use different species, different quality of wood for laminated glue, no need to remove defects such as knots, compared with integrated timber can be more than double the yield, the yield can reach 60% to 70%.

3. Easy to handle

According to the requirements of the product's use environment, the product can be treated with special treatments such as anti-corrosion, insect protection and fire protection.

Veneer impregnated with phenolic resin has better dimensional stability, and the mechanical strength of pure smooth-grained laminated timber made from Douglas-fir is 2 to 7 times that of its parallel glued counterpart.

The phenolic resin impregnation treatment by means of evacuation and pressure can be used to produce dense LVL with higher hardness, finish strength and water resistance than ordinary LVL.

4. Standardisation and serialisation can be achieved

The veneer is graded according to certain standards in the production process to produce standard products of different grades of quality.

5. Easy processing

Mechanical cutting processes such as sawing, planing, milling, drilling, tenoning, drilling and sanding can be easily carried out.

6. Anti-vibration and vibration damping

Veneer laminated timber has strong anti-vibration and vibration damping properties and can resist fatigue damage caused by cyclical stresses and can be used as structural timber.

7. Good fire resistance

Due to the timeliness of the wood pyrolysis process and the glued structure of veneer laminated timber, the fire resistance of veneer laminated timber as structural timber is better than that of steel.






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