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What Are the Advantages of Plywood?

Jan. 29, 2021

According to the different raw materials and production processes, man-made boards can be divided into plywood, fiberboard, particle board, blockboard, etc., mainly used in furniture manufacturing, decorative veneer production, wood construction with panels and carriages, ships, packaging boxes, containers with panels manufacturing and other fields. Among them, fibreboard, particleboard and joinery have lower requirements for raw materials, mostly branchwood, interfelled wood, processing residues, small diameter wood, straw, bagasse, etc;

Plywood production fluctuates to improve, wood plywood production than 90%.

Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer board material made from wood sections cut into veneers or from wood planed into thin wood, and then glued together with an adhesive, usually with an odd number of layers of veneers, and the adjacent layers of veneers are glued perpendicular to each other in the fiber direction. Plywood is one of the most commonly used materials for furniture and is one of the three main boards for man-made panels, as well as for aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, construction and packing boxes.


What is plywood?  

Plywood is a three- or multi-layered board made from wood sections cut into veneers or squares cut into thin wood and glued together with an adhesive, usually with an odd number of layers of veneers and with the fibres of adjacent layers glued perpendicular to each other. Plywood is one of the common materials used for furniture and is a type of man-made board. A group of veneers is usually glued together perpendicular to each other in the direction of the wood grain of the adjacent layers, usually with the surface and inner plies symmetrically positioned on either side of the central layer or core. The glued veneer is then pressed into a slab in the direction of the wood grain in a staggered pattern with or without heat.

What are the advantages of plywood?  

1. The plywood construction layers of wood are bonded together at right angles, which is what makes it so strong. This layered plant is resistant to warping, cracking and twisting, making it ideal for use in construction.

2. In addition to its strength, plywood is similar to a complete wood species, which makes it ideal as a material for decorative panels made from much cheaper boards. 


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