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Why Choose Birch Plywood?

Dec. 22, 2020

Birch grows in the northern hemisphere and has a shiny surface and smooth mechanism. It is white, and the wood heart is slightly pinkish ivory or greyish yellow. It is not very durable in the environment that is prone to decay and is more used in the form of splints. It is now used in the production of structures, parquet and interior frames.

Birch plywood is one of the best plywood recognized in the world. It has good structural properties, uniform and fine texture, high quality, and has super adaptability under different temperature and dry humidity environments. It is a durable material in the furniture industry. It belongs to birch and is widely used in our lives.

Why choose birch for plywood?

1. Birch has a delicate and softwood, so the processed furniture has a good texture. The birch roots and nodes have beautiful natural patterns, which have a good decorative effect.

2. A lot of furniture wood is easy to break and burst during processing, and birch has a good advantage in this respect. It is easy to process, so the cut wood has a smooth surface and a bright lustre.

3. Birch has obvious annual rings and its elasticity is better than many other kinds of wood because of its high mechanical strength. The processed birch furniture has a smooth, wear-resistant, clear and natural pattern.

4. The colour of birch wood gradually deepens from hazel to reddish-brown. The steady and bright colours make birch furniture not only a kind of furniture but also an art appreciation.

Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic Birch Plywood

How to choose plywood?

1. There is a difference between the front and the back of the splint. When selecting, the plywood should have clear wood grain, smooth front surface, no roughness, and smooth and non-sluggish hand feeling.

2. Plywood should not have defects such as damage, bruises, bruises, scar knots, etc.

3. The plywood has no degumming phenomenon.

4. Some plywood is made by pasting two veneers with different textures together. Therefore, when choosing the plywood, the joints of the plywood should be tight and there is no unevenness.

5. When choosing splints, pay attention to choosing splints that do not lose glue. If the sound is crisp when the plywood is knocked by hand, the quality is good. If the sound is dull, it means that the splint has loose glue.

6. When choosing glued veneer, pay attention to the uniform colour, consistent texture, and the wood colour and the furniture paint colour coordinate.

Advantages of baltic birch plywood

1. Strong screw fixing ability.

2. Amazing strength and stability.

3. The edges can be bare or covered with edge banding.

4. Thick veneer allows you to polish well without worrying about polishing.

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